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Our Story

Founded in Lahore, Hi-Tech Group has emerged as a leading name in Pakistan's Poultry Sector, beginning with Hi-Tech Feeds. Our journey from a single feed unit to a conglomerate—spanning breeder farms, hatcheries, an edible oil mill, and a pharmaceutical company—illustrates our growth and commitment to the agro-industry. The extension into Sahiwal with a large feed manufacturing unit marks our expanded capabilities into comprehensive agribusiness solutions. Pawfect, our venture into premium cat food, reflects our group's ethos of delivering exceptional quality and complete nutrition for pets. It is the culmination of our extensive experience, innovation, and dedication to health and wellbeing.

Nutritional Excellence

At Pawfect™, we deliver unparalleled nutrition through meticulously formulated products, using high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals to fuel a vibrant feline life.

Tailored Wellness

Our products, tailored for kittens to adult cats, ensure optimal health at every life stage, supporting growth, vitality, and longevity with precision nutrition.

Unwavering Quality

Pawfect™ embodies quality and safety, reflected in our HACCP certification and ISO compliance, ensuring your cat enjoys only the best, tested and approved by experts.

Digestive Care

We prioritize your cat’s digestive health with carefully chosen fibers and antioxidants in our food, promoting excellent digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Ethical Sourcing

Committed to ethical sourcing, Pawfect™ ensures our ingredients are obtained sustainably and responsibly, respecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Innovation & Passion

Driven by passion and innovation, we’re dedicated to enhancing pet nutrition and owner experience, pushing the boundaries for the benefit of cats everywhere.

Our Philosophy

At Hi-Tech Group, we are driven by a simple yet powerful philosophy: to lead with integrity, prioritize quality, and embrace innovation. Our legacy is built on these pillars, guiding our approach to offering superior products and services.

Integrity: We believe in ethical business practices, ensuring transparency and trust in every endeavor.

Quality: From sourcing to production, we commit to the highest standards, delivering excellence in every product.

Innovation: We continuously seek advancements in technology and processes to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our customers and the industry.

Pawfect stands as a testament to this philosophy, bringing premium, scientifically formulated nutrition to pets, crafted with care and expertise. As we look ahead, our dedication to enhancing the lives of animals and people remains unwavering.

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